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Certificate Course in Embedded Systems Design

Duration: 400+ Hrs. of Training +3 months of internship (OJT)

SKILL INDIA Certification from the Government of India

Program Highlights

✔ Job Guarantee
✔ Exposure to Live Projects
✔ Latest Tools & Software
✔ Learn Business Skills
✔ Learn Interview Skills
✔ Career Progression with Pi Square

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Program Highlights 

It’s a golden period for embedded systems engineers. Technology is at an inflection point due to increased use of electronic products across industry verticals such as Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Computing Hardware, Industrial Automation, MedTech, Telecom etc.,. This has exponentially increased the demand for skilled talent in this sectors across the globe. 

This program aims to empower engineers with the much-needed skills to build their careers in the Embedded Industry.

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Assess requirement specifications
  • Write applications
  • Test and validate the application modules

This program will also enhance your logical thinking ability, paying attention to detail, and communication skills, making you employable and a best fit for the industry.

Pls refer to curriculum section for the program details

Job Guarantee Program​

400+ Hours of Learning​

Designed for graduates who are aspiring to start their career in Embedded Industry

3 Months of Internship – Providing you the required project experience

SKILL INDIA Certified Program

70% Hands-on

Fortnightly Interaction with Industry Experts

Industry Case Studies and Projects​


Employment Potential

2,00,000+ Jobs in Embedded Systems Design andDevelopment ​in over next 3 – 5 years​

Communication and Broadcasting


Computing Hardware

Industrial Automation

Aerospace and Defense


30,000+ Active Jobs in leading Job Boards for Embedded Engineers. Popular Job Roles include

  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Embedded Application Developer
  • Embedded Engineer
  • Firmware Developer

Refernce Source


Embedded Systems Essentials

  • Analog Electronics Essentials
  • Digital Electronics Essentials
  • Embedded System Essentials and it’s Practical Applications
  • Process and Standards (ex: CMMi, ASPICE)

Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

  • RTOS Essentials & Exploration of FreeRTOS
  • Task Management & Concerning Programming
  • Queue Management & Programming 
  • Interrupt & Resource Management
  • Memory Management Schemes
  • Demonstration of Above Concepts on Hardware


Python Programming

  • Python Essentials
  • Exploration of Data Structures in Python
  • Control Structures in Python
  • Functions & Modules 
  • Project

Tool Chains

  • Debugging Skills using GDB
  • GNU Make
  • Valgrind , Electric Fence , Splint etc tools and their significance
  • GNU Auto tools & CMake
  • Static & Dynamic Library creation tools

C++ Programming

  • Introduction to Basic Language Facilities
  • Memory Management & Smart Pointers
  • OOPS Concept & Programming
  • Templates & Std. Template Libraries (C++11 & C++17)
  • Lambda Expressions

Data Structure and Algorithms

  • DS & Algorithm Essentials
  • Implementation of Stack , Queue & Linked List variants with Application
  • Trees Implementation & it’s Application in Linux
  • Searching & Sorting Algorithms In depth Analysis
  • Hashing
  • Project


Microcontroller Architecture and Peripheral Programming

  • MCU Architecture, Features, Reading & Understanding MCU/MPU Specific Documents (Data Sheet, User Manual, Schematic etc.)
  • MPU Memory Mapping & Interrupt Handling Hands On
  • Driver Development for Peripherals from Scratch (GPIO , USART etc.)
  • Programming Peripherals using HAL APIs (PWM, Timers etc.)
  • Emphasis on special Peripheral ADC & Address Decoding behind the curtain
  • Project


Business Skills

  • Business Communication and email etiquettes
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Office365


Embedded C Programming

  • C Basics , C Statements & Operators
  • Arrays, Pointers, User Defined Data Types
  • Functions, Stack Frame Analysis using GDB
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation behind the curtain
  • File Handling Application Prospective & Application Building Process
  • Project

Linux System Programming

  • Linux Essentials & System Programming Concepts
  • File Management & Programming
  • Process Management & Programming using associated APIs
  • Multithreading Programming & Applications
  • Inter Process Communication & Socket Programming
  • Shell Scripting behind the Scene


Software Engineering

  • Business/Industry Ecosystem
  • Organization functions and roles
  • Efficient /Optimal & Defensive Programming Techniques
  • Version Control System in depth
  • Project Management Concepts & Tools (ex: Agile, JIRA)


Standards and Protocols

  • SPI Protocol Programming & Communication
  • I2C Protocol Simplified
  • CAN Controller Programming & Communication among ECUs
  • LIN, Flexray Protocol Essentials
  • Overview of Wireless Protocols:Zigbee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, WiSun protocol stack

Training Delivery and Internship

Trainer and Training Delivery are key aspects to the success of a job guarentee program. Get trained by project leads with 15+ years of industry experience!

The program is designed to be completed in two phases. The first phase of training will be 400+ hours of intense learning of fundamentals and technology. The second phase will be 450+ hours of intensive live project exposure. The training will expose you to the latest tools and technologies in this industry segment and transform you into a deployable professional. The program gives equal importance to the non-technical requirements of a job such as Business Communication and Email Etiquettes, Time Management, Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills and IT Skills.

Instructor Led Training

Hands-on Learning with industry standard hardware and tools

Industry Use Cases

Mentor Support

Internship & Live Project Exposure

Interactions with Industry Professionals and Subject Matter Experts

How it Works

Registration and Enrolment Process 

Fill up Registration Form
Submit Verification Documents
Take Online Test
Technical Interview
Share Payment Details

You are On-board 

Eligibility and Prerequisites 

  • Engineering in ECE, ETC, EEE, EIT
  • Graduate from 2019, 2020, 2021
  • 60% and above in 10th, 12th, and Graduation

Avail skill loan with an option to pay the training fee after you get a job*

* Terms and Conditions are applicable.

Please contact to know more.
+91 8309999284

Who should sign-up for this Course?
  • Freshers who are looking for a career in the electronics industry 
  • Students in the final semester, who are keen to pursue a career in the electronics domain 
  • Graduates who are keen to continue their higher studies wanting to upskill themselves 
  • Working professionals with up to 2 years of experience wanting to upskill and switch their careers to the electronics industry 
What is my trainer profile?

Trainers who will engage with you in this program are industry subject matter experts with about 10+ years of industry experience and have the necessary teaching experience as well. You are in the right hands for learining. 

How do i compensate a missed session?
Can I attend this course before completing my graduation?
  • Yes, you can take the online course in the final semester, as long as you fulfill the basic eligibility criteria such as: 
    • 60% throughout in 10th, 12th and under graduation 
    • No Backlogs 
  • This program is offered through our Finishing School on Campus initiative. Please check with your institute if they have registered with us for the program. 
Where will I have to attend interviews?

Majority of the companies are located in Bangalore, hence majority of the opportunitites are also in Bangalore. You will have to attend the interview opportunitites in the companies location. 

How do I make my fee payments?

Fees can be paid via online bank account transfer or account deposit. Account details: 

Account Name: Pi Square Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 

Account No : 018363700000910 

IFSC Code : YESB0000183 

Branch Name : Hi-Tech City

What kind of mentorship and support is provided during the course?
  • Doubts can be cleared by interacting with the faculty at the end of each session. 
  • There is also a provision of revision for 1hr. scheduled every week. You can interact with trainer and get your doubts cleared. 
  • Outside this you may reach your trainer via chat and email anytime to get your doubts cleared.
Is there a provision for loan?

Yes, if the candidate is eligible he can get loan amount sanctioned for the entire program and pay in interest free EMI’s.